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ARVADA, Colo (CBS4) When a family faces homelessness, they often have to leave all but their essentials behind. When that family gets a new house, they have nothing to furnish it. For some families, Sandy Garling is filling that gap.

“Back here stacked up are two end tables and a child size table and chairs,” Garling showed CBS4.

Garling’s garage is piled high with furniture and household goods.

“This is one of the treasures. I found can openers that actually work, and I realized every family needs a can opener,” Garling explained.

homeless furniture 1 Volunteer Provides Furnishings To Formerly Homeless Families

Sandy Garling shows off can openers she’s collected to give to formerly homeless families (credit: CBS)

She gives those treasures to families in need; couches, dressers, and beds for people moving into new homes after living in homelessness.

“They just all came out like it was Christmas. They were so excited and so grateful. And it was just heartwarming,” she remembers of the first furniture delivery she made.

In two years, Garling has helped nine families — about 40 people.

“It’s been great. I have a very loving husband and three grown sons and they are my muscles,” Garling said.

homeless furniture 2 Volunteer Provides Furnishings To Formerly Homeless Families

Garling and her husband sort through furniture donations (credit: CBS)

Melissa Hastings and her two kids got a one-bedroom apartment after months of moving between shelters and hotels.

“It was awesome because it was just like this feeling of relief,” Hasting said of finally getting a place to call home.

They had nearly nothing when they moved in.

“Our blankets and our pillows and that’s it. We just made pallets on the floor and went to sleep,” Hastings told CBS4.

That’s when Garling came to the rescue with shelves, a chair, and even pots and pans.

“She even gave me choices, like she had two different couches I could choose from,” Hastings explained.

homeless furniture 3 Volunteer Provides Furnishings To Formerly Homeless Families

Melissa Hastings shows us the utility pot she got from Garling (credit: CBS)

It turned a house into a home and forged a friendship.

“I feel like Sandy was sent to me from God, and I really appreciate everything she’s done for us,” Hastings said.

“Compared to what they go through, this absolutely minuscule,” Garling added.

Garling begs, borrows, and steals from her friends, neighbors, and her book club to get even the smallest of things that will help a family get back on it’s feet.

Garling volunteers with a homeless program in Westminster called Growing Home, that’s where she meets the families that she helps.

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