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Homelessness is a solvable problem that requires a great sense of urgency. It can happen to anyone, and unfortunately, there are many people who are only one missed paycheck or unexpected emergency away from facing housing instability. We know it takes a community coming together and rallying around proven solutions to truly make a difference. Together we can support our neighbors in need to rebuild their lives, and ensure that every Coloradan has a safe place to call home.

Melanie Lewis DickersonImprovement AdvisorCommunity Solutions

Denver Homeless Out Loud believes in a safe place to call home. CLOSE TO HOME is a step forward toward a collaborative, action-oriented coalition that can present positive change. Addressing the crisis of homelessness can only happen under the direction of people with direct experience of homelessness and we are glad to see CLOSE TO HOME making this intention. Foreclosure rates, lack of rent control, chronic over-incarceration, job loss, and experiencing mental or physical trauma can be a quick way into a pit of poverty that is impossible to escape without a changed culture that will influence public policy and the perceptions of landlords that refuse vouchers and business owners that don’t allow homeless individuals to work there. By helping to speak out, we can change Metro Denver into a hospitable environment for co-existing in public space that expands the options for people to rise up out of poverty.

Benjamin DonlonMemberDenver Homeless Out Loud

We know the high cost and lost potential of every individual who experiences homelessness in our state, including children who are especially vulnerable to the educational, physical, emotional, and developmental setbacks of housing instability. Supportive housing offers a proven, cost-effective, and humane alternative to prisons, emergency shelters, and life on the streets. Together we can remove the barriers to introducing these types of interventions and help ensure that every Coloradan has a place to call home.

John W. HickenlooperGovernor of Colorado

The Metro Mayors Caucus is honored to be a part of this campaign. As a regional community, we must judge ourselves by how well we care for the most vulnerable among us and that is why the CLOSE TO HOME campaign is so important to the 41 mayors in the Metro Mayors Caucus. Working together, we can ensure that everyone in metro Denver has a safe place to call home.

Aurora Mayor Steve HoganChairMetro Mayors Caucus Committee on Homelessness & Hunger

Nearly half of Metro Denver residents have a family member or friend who has experienced homelessness. It can truly happen to anyone. We need to let everyone who has suffered the devastating experience of losing their home know they matter. We cannot assume someone else has this covered. The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative is proud to be part of this collective effort to increase understanding and encourage all community members to raise their voice, take even small actions, and work together to provide a safe place for everyone to call home.

Gary SanfordExecutive DirectorMetro Denver Homeless Initiative

This campaign aligns with The Denver Foundation’s approach toward tough issues in our community. Homelessness is not far away for anyone. It only takes one domestic violence incident, a medical issue, or the loss of a job for a friend, colleague, or family member to become homeless. With a problem this complex and devastating, no one organization can tackle it alone. It takes a community effort. Through community solutions,┬ácompassion, and speaking up for change, we can make Metro Denver a place where all families can provide the very best for their children, beginning with a safe place to call home.

Virginia BaylessChair, Board of TrusteesThe Denver Foundation

Affordable and attainable housing is a critical issue for Colorado. We support the work to engage more Coloradans to fight homelessness and find housing that meets the needs of every Coloradan.

Kelly BroughPresident and CEODenver Chamber of Commerce

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