Denver Homeless Out Loud believes in a safe place to call home. CLOSE TO HOME is a step forward toward a collaborative, action-oriented coalition that can present positive change. Addressing the crisis of homelessness can only happen under the direction of people with direct experience of homelessness and we are glad to see CLOSE TO HOME making this intention. Foreclosure rates, lack of rent control, chronic over-incarceration, job loss, and experiencing mental or physical trauma can be a quick way into a pit of poverty that is impossible to escape without a changed culture that will influence public policy and the perceptions of landlords that refuse vouchers and business owners that don’t allow homeless individuals to work there. By helping to speak out, we can change Metro Denver into a hospitable environment for co-existing in public space that expands the options for people to rise up out of poverty.

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Home Sweet Home
New Ads Challenge Homeless Stereotypes

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