Take the Close To Home Pledge Today!

THE PLEDGE IS AN EASY WAY TO SPEAK UP.  Signing the Close To Home pledge (below) signifies your belief that all of us can raise our voices, take action and support efforts to prevent and end homelessness in our communities.

PLEDGE VOICES ADD UP.  Close To Home shares news about the growing numbers of residents taking the pledge with policy, business and community leaders to underscore the importance of their leadership, support and action.

WHAT THE PLEDGE IS, AND ISN’T. The Pledge signifies your belief that we can become a community where everyone has a safe place to call home. It is not a political statement or a commitment to take or support specific actions, volunteer your time or make monetary donations.

CLOSE TO HOME WILL UPDATE YOU on the increasing numbers of residents who have signed the pledge, actions we’re taking and opportunities for you to learn more and take action. Thanks for adding your voice! Please encourage others to also get engaged.

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge

Commit to Learn More, Speak Up, and Take Actions to address homelessness. Together, we can help today and drive policy changes that makes Homelessness History in Colorado.


Thanks for taking the pledge to help us make homelessness history in Colorado!. Share this with your friends.

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