Stories are Powerful

Stories take us on a journey, help us understand others’ challenges, consider what we would do in similar circumstances, and show us how we can make a meaningful difference.

Our Storytellers Network engages individuals who have directly experienced homelessness, supporting them in sharing their stories. They’re powerful messengers, helping others to learn about the circumstances that led them to lose their housing, and what it took for them to move back to safe, stable housing.

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Meet Our Storytellers

Melissa Hastings

MELISSA HASTINGS We became homeless because we left a mentally unhealthy family situation. There are many reasons people become homeless. I want to bring awareness about the families and children that experience homelessness. Ever since I have become involved in the...

Jen McDonald

JEN MCDONALD I moved to Denver for a position and a new start, but the job fell through. This put me and my family at the mercy of a city we didn’t yet know very well. Embracing my struggle gave me the courage to utilize the resources that are available to help ease...

Dee Clark

DEE CLARK When my landlord took his house back that we were renting, my family and I were not able to find housing. Telling my story is like sharing a personal testimony. People find understanding as well as hope when they hear other people’s experiences. I feel so...

Marsha Brown

Marsha’s life was going great until one fateful night when she received a phone call with news that her teenage son had been hit by a drunk driver and was severely injured. As a self-employed single parent, Marsha couldn’t keep up with work while caring full-time for her son, ultimately leading them to lose their home.

George Seals

GEORGE SEALS I lost my job after the economic crash in 2008. This led me into homelessness. I want to spread the message that we’re all human and we all go through rough times. I want to bring the community together. Since becoming a part of Close To Home, I enjoy...

Theda Bruns

THEDA BRUNS I became homeless as a result of domestic violence. I share my story to overcome the shame and guilt that resulted from being homeless.  I would like to remind others that we are all human and deserve dignity despite our circumstances. Read Theda's story....

Lisa Marie Gulbenkian-Fertman

LISA MARIE GULBENKIAN-FERTMAN I experienced homelessness for a number of reason: relationship violence, finances, health and employment all at once. I speak to raise awareness about homelessness and to support older students returning to college to launch a new...

How does homelessness feel?

How does homelessness feel?

“If you want to understand how homelessness feels, try to live for a day without going home,” said DeAndres. “Go to work, go shopping, do all the normal things you would do. Just don’t step inside in your house.” Continuously working to support his family, today DeAndres has a better paying job and hope for the future.

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