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Dozens of people in Colorado Springs are now fighting for change after the eviction of 70 elderly people at Emerald Towers Apartments.

Tenants received notices about two weeks ago letting them know they had to be out in just a few weeks due to major renovations.

On Sunday, a rally was held outside the apartment building in support of those tenants.

Chants of “We want freedom! Freedom! All these evil policies we don’t need ’em, need ’em” could be heard outside Emerald Towers.

Tenant Marilyn Rubringer said, “It’s a wonderful feeling that somebody is there with you.”

After eight and half years of calling Emerald Towers her home, Rubringer is being forced to leave.

“When it’s your home and someone takes that away from you that’s scary.”

As she says, especially in the Colorado Springs housing market.

“There’s nothing available and it’s also very high.”

Soon, Rubringer will be moving to Canon City.

“There’s not enough housing for seniors. There’s not enough housing for low-income and this should not happen again.”

Fellow tenant Mary Ann Bomgardner agrees.

“This has been…a shock and a very kind of cruel thing that seems to have happened here,” said Bomgardner. “It’s been a tough deal, but if we can get some affordable housing in this community it’s going to help a whole lot of people.”

Affordable housing is exactly what people like Andrew Hunt are trying to get. Hunt, and other members of the Colorado Springs Socialists, were at the rally.

Hunt said, “When you look at them you think about your own grandma, your own grandpa…we could be forming up non-profit cooperatives that build new housing complexes specifically for low-income individuals. We could be doing rent control. We could be doing tenant unions.”

For Rubringer, knowing there are people fighting for her and generations to come is “very inspirational.”

Bomgardner said, “Hopefully it’ll make a difference in the future for some people.”

The city is reaching out to try and connect residents to services in the community that can help as they try to find another place to live.

On Tuesday from 9-11 a.m. there will be a meeting at Emerald Towers. Different agencies will be there to help people looking for housing.

On Sunday, Rubringer told News 5 there were still about 20 people that needed a place to live.

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