Homelessness in the News

7Everyday Hero Kim Briggs helps the homeless of Denver

Denver7 - Mitch Jelniker DENVER -- We all see the homeless as we travel around Colorado. But 7Everyday Hero Kim Briggs is on a mission to get to know them and help them. Briggs is the force behind Operation Care Package Colorado. "It is just a big circle of life and...

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Metro Denver food bank in danger of closing

Denver7 - Adam Hammond BROOMFIELD, Colo--- A Broomfield food pantry is in danger of closing at the end of the year because of a major financial crisis. “We were absolutely starving when we got here, and we’re doing so much better now because we have this place to come...

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Op Ed: A Good Teacher Is Like a Candle

Westword - by ANGELA BRACERO On Labor Day, we're sharing this essay by a worker who labors in one of the toughest areas of all: teaching. But while the profession may not have big financial rewards, there are other compensations. “A good teacher is like a candle — it...

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