Stories are powerful.  They take us on a journey, help us understand others’ challenges, consider what we would do in similar circumstances, and show us how we can make a meaningful difference.

Listen and learn.  It’s enlightening to hear the journeys of Coloradans who went from housed to homeless, and their efforts to move back to a more stable, safer place.

Share your storiesThe CLOSE TO HOME Storytellers Network engages individuals who have directly experienced homelessness, supporting them in sharing their stories through presentations to groups and at events, and in audio and video recordings, as well as written stories. Learn more about the Storytellers Network. To request a speaker for an event, please contact CLOSE TO HOME, Stevi Gray,, 303-962-3321. You’re also invited to share your story with us online by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

Stories of homelessness heal and empower

Marsha Brown’s life was going great until one fateful night when she received a phone call with news that her teenage son had been hit by a drunk driver and was severely injured. CLOSE TO HOME asked Marsha why she is so passionate about sharing the story of how this...

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It was a trying time

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall say it was a trying time for his family. "My mom was going through a lot of abuse from my father. We went to a shelter because we were afraid he would find us. We had to protect ourselves, and my mom had to protect us. That's...

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It can happen to anyone

Jan was a news producer. She made a great living. She owned her own home. Life was going well. Then her husband became emotionally abusive, started drinking heavily and using marijuana. Their marriage fell apart, and on her daughter's 8th birthday her husband kicked...

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How does homelessness feel?

If you want to understand how homelessness feels, DeAndre suggests you try to live for a day without going home. Go to work, go shopping, do all the normal things you would do. Just don't step inside in your house. DeAndres understands because he has experienced...

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Sleeping in your car is a scary feeling

Dana is a single father raising two children.  He had to leave his job because he had to work so many hours he couldn't care for his children. After several job losses,  their money ran low,  they lost their house and eventually started sleeping in their car. Dana...

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Transitional housing provided a hand up

I was 18 years old and about to have my second child. At the time I was staying with my mom. But it was really stressful for my mom and her new husband to have my kids and I live with them. I didn't want my mistakes to mess my mom's life up, so I decided I needed to...

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Share your Story

We invite you to share your story. Let us know about your experience or that of a family member or friend who has experienced homelessness. Tell us what actions and supports helped most to make a meaningful difference in addressing homelessness. Stories can range from a couple of sentences to longer form. If you can, please include a photo to bring a face to your story. You may also upload a video story to YouTube and share the link. Thank you for sharing your story!

Guidelines: In sharing your story, we ask that you take care not to share information about someone without their consent and approval. Please also be sure your story is respectful and appropriate for all audiences. CLOSE TO HOME reserves the right to edit or decline stories it believes do not meet these guidelines.


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