marsha brown close to home storyteller

Marsha Brown

Marsha’s life was going great until one fateful night when she received a phone call with news that her teenage son had been hit by a drunk driver and was severely injured. As a self-employed single parent, Marsha couldn’t keep up with work while caring full-time for her son, ultimately leading them to lose their home.

george seals

George Seals

GEORGE SEALS I lost my job after the economic crash in 2008. This led me into homelessness. I want to spread the message that we’re all human and we all go through rough times. I want to bring the community together. Since becoming a part of Close To Home, I enjoy...
theda bruns

Theda Bruns

THEDA BRUNS I became homeless as a result of domestic violence. I share my story to overcome the shame and guilt that resulted from being homeless.  I would like to remind others that we are all human and deserve dignity despite our circumstances. Read Theda’s...

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