melissa hastings storyteller for close to home

Melissa Hastings

MELISSA HASTINGS We became homeless because we left a mentally unhealthy family situation. There are many reasons people become homeless. I want to bring awareness about the families and children that experience homelessness. Ever since I have become involved in the...
jen mcdonald bio

Jen McDonald

JEN MCDONALD I moved to Denver for a position and a new start, but the job fell through. This put me and my family at the mercy of a city we didn’t yet know very well. Embracing my struggle gave me the courage to utilize the resources that are available to help ease...
Dee Clark

Dee Clark

DEE CLARK When my landlord took his house back that we were renting, my family and I were not able to find housing. Telling my story is like sharing a personal testimony. People find understanding as well as hope when they hear other people’s experiences. I feel so...

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