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On More Holiday Wish Lists: A Home for Grandma

With 26 grandchildren and great-grandchildren spread across the country, Nana Posey moved to Denver to be near one of her granddaughters. She has lost four of her five children, and suffered numerous health challenges. In her move, though, Nana was unprepared for the expensive rental market. After staying in shelters before securing a rental unit, Nana continues to volunteer serving food at a Denver shelter.

CLOSE TO HOME’s First Storyteller, Jan Watkins: One Year Later

A long-time TV news producer, Jan made a good living. She and her husband were raising their two daughters in a home they owned. Over time, though, Jan’s husband became abusive, isolating her from friends and family. When her husband threw her and their girls out of the house on her daughter’s 8th birthday, she was unemployed and had no place to go.

Determination and optimism helps mother in unexpected situation

LaTanya was a stay-at-home mom of three school-aged boys. She had never been without a secure home and was fully committed to making the best life for her sons, whom she calls “her world.” When she and her husband divorced, though, financial challenges piled up. Losing their home, LaTanya and her boys alternated between doubling up with family and staying in temporary housing programs.

Securing a future for her son

After parting from an abusive relationship, April was left jobless and homeless with a six-month-old son. Sleeping on the floor with her infant as they doubled-up with family members, she worked hard to earn a bachelor’s degree from CSU. Today she has a job, an apartment and a safe, healthy son. “No matter where you come from,” said April, “you can turn your life around.”

Landlord Recruiter Finds Homes For Homeless Families

Tammy Calabrese’s decision to share her story of homelessness changed her life, as well as her children’s lives. Viewers were moved when the story of Tammy and her six sons aired on the CBS4 evening newscast. Unable to find a landlord willing to accept their housing...
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If you don’t think it can happen to you, you’re wrong

“I see people all of the time who turn up their noses to people who are homeless. I used to be one of those people,” said Arvada resident, Jack. “You really don’t understand where they’re coming from until you’re in their shoes. And if you don’t think it could happen to you, you’re wrong.”

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