whitneyI was 18 years old and about to have my second child. At the time I was staying with my mom. But it was really stressful for my mom and her new husband to have my kids and I live with them. I didn’t want my mistakes to mess my mom’s life up, so I decided I needed to find a new home for my children and I. It sounded easy enough. But for the next year and half my kids and I couldn’t find a permanent place to live.

It was a really scary and emotional time for me.  I used to ask myself, ‘How did I bring two kids into this world and I don’t have a place to live?’ I didn’t want to raise my kids in a shelter or somebody’s else’s house. So I called a local transitional housing program. At the time I was still a teenager and needed a lot of guidance. They gave me a place to live and helped me develop the skills that I needed to live on my own.

Five years later, I have a good job, an apartment and my daughters are doing well in school. I’m thankful I was able to get my life together, make progress and be successful. It’s meant everything to me for my daughters to see that it’s possible. Now I do everything to reinforce for them that everything is possible if they work hard enough.

What I would say to someone in my situation is don’t be afraid to ask for help. I think the transitional programs like the one I was in are amazing. They’ve helped me improve my life to where I am today. I’m greatly appreciative.”

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