Homelessness Awareness week is held each year the week before Thanksgiving, serving as an important reminder that many children, youth, families, seniors, veterans and others in Colorado lack a safe, stable place to call home and don’t have enough food to eat. We encourage all residents to speak up, take actions, and to ask their leaders to commit to making homelessness and hunger history within each of our communities.

This year, in an effort to move towards greater commitment, a number of governing bodies have pledged a supportive proclamation to ending homelessness and hunger.

A special thanks to:

Governor John W. Hickenlooper, (proclamationcolorado)

Mayor Steve Hogan of Aurora, (proclamationaurora)

Mayor Richard McLean of Brighton, (proclamationbrighton)

Mayor Marjorie Sloan of Golden, (proclamationgolden)

Mayor Adam Paul of Lakewood, (proclamationlakewood)

Mayor Heidi Williams of Thornton, (proclamationthornton)

for their recognition that if we work together, hunger and homelessness are solvable.

In partnership with these leaders, many organizations are committed to building stronger communities by connecting residents to available services, implementing public policy initiatives, and encouraging all Coloradans to speak up and lend a hand so that Colorado can be a state where everyone has a safe place to call home and enough food to eat.

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