9News Next – DENVER – It’s been a great year for Tim Edens.

After three years living on the streets, he now has a job and a house.

Tim was living at a campsite near I-25 at night. During the day, he’d hang out in Skyline Park and spend a lot of time helping the Parks and Rec worker who staffed the bathroom there.

“If she needed help with heavy trash bags or anything like that, I would help her,” Edens said. “Keep an eye on her when she went around the park picking up trash and stuff make sure nobody bothered her.”

One day, the deputy director of the Parks and Rec department visited the park and spoke to the employee Tim was helping.

“Tim was actually down here cleaning up and helping out staff,” Scott Gilmore said.  “I was like, ‘Who is that guy working?’ They were like that’s Tim, he just hangs out.”

Gilmore said he was impressed.

“I pulled him off to the side and said, ‘Hey Tim, are you working?’ He’s like, oh no, I’m homeless,” he said.

So Gilmore suggested Tim apply for a vacant job. He did it right away. And the rest is history.

Two weeks after Tim got the job, he got a housing voucher and moved into a new home.

He’s been working for the city since April.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to stay where I am,” Tim said.

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