AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– A mother of six is having a tough time finding housing for her family because she says landlords won’t take her housing voucher. The competitive rental market in the Denver metro area has forced a lot of families into homelessness.

“I feel like I’m failing my kids, but I know that I’m doing everything… everything and it’s frustrating because I’m like, ‘What do I do next?’” said mother Tammy Calabrese.

Tammy and her six sons call a homeless shelter for families in Aurora… home.

“You see all these homeless families, and even single people, and what is our state doing? Not enough,” said Tammy.

She has a voucher for Section 8 housing but the problem is she can’t find a landlord who is accepting the vouchers.

“The hardest thing is, not being able to find a place that will accept a mom with five boys or six,” said Tammy.

Her year-long struggle to find a place for her family has no end in sight. Her housing voucher was scheduled to expire this weekend but the Aurora Housing Authority agreed to give her a 60-day extension.

Tammy is worried about

“I’ve paid out a few hundred dollars in application fees and landlords don’t call me back,” said Tammy.

If they can’t find a place to rent, the family will have to go back on the waiting list for housing assistance.

“Then we stay homeless and get put back on the list,” said Tammy. “It’s heartbreaking to see the look on my kids faces. I know they’re struggling too. I just believe that God has a plan for us.”

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