We all need a safe
place to call home.

Did you know that nearly half of the people experiencing
homelessness in Metro Denver are families and children?


Losing a home can
happen to anyone.

Job loss, high housing costs, family breakups, and illnesses
are among the most common causes of homelessness.


Make homelessness
history in Colorado.

Speak up and take actions that make a meaningful
difference in addressing homelessness. Your voice matters!


You can make a difference

Most Metro Denver residents believe we can improve or even solve homelessness, yet few voice this belief. Talking about homelessness and taking even small actions can make a difference.

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    Much of homelessness is invisible – kids, coworkers, and even family members and friends are spending their nights couch surfing, sleeping in cars, or out in the elements.

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    CLOSE TO HOME is a campaign to help increase understanding and move Coloradans to speak up and ultimately take actions that make a meaningful difference in addressing homelessness.

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    Are you committed to making a difference? Take the CLOSE TO HOME Pledge to show you support making Metro Denver a community where everyone has a safe place to call home.


Increase over the past ten years of school-aged children known to be homeless in Metro Denver.


Nearly half of homelessness in Metro Denver is families and children.


Storytellers Network

The CLOSE TO HOME Storytellers Network provides caring support to individuals who would like to share their experience of homelessness. These personal stories, so generously shared, help us to consider what we would do in similar circumstances, and show us how we can make a meaningful difference. Learn more, including how to join the network as a storyteller, or request a Storyteller to speak at your event.

If you don’t think it can happen to you, you’re wrong

“I see people all of the time who turn up their noses to people who are homeless. I used to be one of those people,” said Arvada resident, Jack. “You really don’t understand where they’re coming from until you’re in their shoes. And if you don’t think it could happen to you, you’re wrong.” See a video of Jack’s story here.

Project Homeless Connect Denver

Lend a hand on September 19th to help make this one-day resource fair a success. Organizers anticipate 1,000 families and individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their homes will attend to access services ranging from housing services to clothing banks, health care services and vision checks, resume workshops, veterans services, childcare and more. Training session begin on August 21st. Learn more and volunteer to make a meaningful difference in addressing homelessness.

About Us

CLOSE TO HOME is a campaign to raise awareness, increase understanding, and move Coloradans to speak up and take actions that make a meaningful difference in addressing homelessness. Learn more about CLOSE TO HOME.

“It takes a community effort to tackle a problem this complex and devastating. Through community solutions, compassion, and speaking up for change, we can make Metro Denver a place where all families can provide the very best for their children, beginning with a safe place to call home.”

Virginia Bayless, Chair, Board of Trustees, The Denver Foundation



“As a regional community, we must judge ourselves by how well we care for the most vulnerable among us and that is why the Close to Home campaign is so important to the 41 mayors in the Metro Mayors Caucus. Working together, we can ensure that everyone in metro Denver has a safe place to call home.”

Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, Chair, Metro Mayors Caucus Committee on Homelessness & Hunger



“Nearly half of Metro Denver residents have a family member or friend who has experienced homelessness. It can truly happen to anyone. We need to let everyone who has suffered the devastating experience of losing their home know they matter. We cannot assume someone else has this covered.”

Gary Sanford, Executive Director, Metro Denver Homeless Initiative



“We know the high cost and lost potential of every individual who experiences homelessness in our state, including children who are especially vulnerable to the educational, physical, emotional, and developmental setbacks of housing instability. Supportive housing offers a proven, cost-effective, and humane alternative to prisons, emergency shelters, and life on the streets. Together we can remove the barriers to introducing these types of interventions and help ensure that every Coloradan has a place to call home.”

John W. Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado



“Affordable and attainable housing is a critical issue for Colorado. We support the work to engage more Coloradans to fight homelessness and find housing that meets the needs of every Coloradan.”

Kelly Brough, President and CEO, Denver Chamber of Commerce



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